Jesse FEST • Brunch On The Baseline
11:00 AM11:00

Jesse FEST • Brunch On The Baseline

Saturday, August 15 -- It's that time of year for Jesse FEST! This year's theme is "The Color of Life - Elevated South". Good people, good food, good tennis, and good things are about to go down.  Everyone is invited. Please visit the website to and pre-register (we want a head count for our wonderful guests).

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Jesse Fest & Con
to Dec 25

Jesse Fest & Con

  • Houston, Texas United States (map)
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This year we are partnering with several Houston based businesses for an exclusive feature of Jesse Favs. We love this city, and this year's theme is "Taste de Houston".  Learn more now...

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N90 - North In Ninety Minutes
7:00 PM19:00

N90 - North In Ninety Minutes

Food & Warm-up starts at 6:15pm  |  Message & Teaching starts at 7:00pm 
Join us at this powerful and insightful gathering led by speaker and master coach Jesse Cooper.

We believe you are made to thrive on a higher level. North In 90 Minutes (n'90)  is designed to teach and train tennis players through increments of weekly tennis subjects. n'90 is only on Thursdays, and it's always free to attend. Tell your friend.

"Finishing School"
-  This will address the skill and timing approach to executing various elements of your game.
1.   Your Thought Process.
2.  How-to Racquet Skills for a efficiency.
3.  When-to and how-to abbreviate your form.
4.  Training to implement what you've learned - perspective, emotion, and performance.

You've worked so hard for the game you have... Now come to "Finishing School" to polish your game with knowledge and easy-to-implement steps from master coach and speaker Jesse Cooper.  This July, our 90 minute gathering promises to take your game north on a better trajectory.  We are declaring there will be a shift in your thinking, increase in your skills, and progress in the overall transformation of your game.

6:15pm  Food Served
7:00pm Message | Teaching | Training

ALL PARTICIPANTS - Please don't be disruptive to other players while we are in session. Follow the lead of master coach Jesse Cooper. Also please consider making an offering.
- Thanks, Leadership Team.

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