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I believe in ways, not walls. Our TEAM cocnept is a mission-oriented program designed to provide the best possible pathways for players to succeed. 
— JC Leadership
...Why Teams? There are many high impact benefits: some include consistent training partners, development curriculums, comradery and more.
— JC Leadership
With a focused purpose in mind: Players need a clear vision to fulfill, a process to trust, missions to accomplish, and moments of success to feed their appetite and passion...
— Jesse Cooper
It’s our vision and promise that every player will have access to the pathways that enable real success in the sport, in college, and in professional career.
— JC Leadership
...Players should exercise their best effort in every aspect of their development. Hard-work isn’t an event... Consistency leads to success.
— Jesse Cooper

An all inclusive team membership based, year-round, high-performance training tennis program designed to develop players on and off the court for the purpose of achieving next level success. Our academy leadership is led by approved and licensed professional tennis coaches. Ask which benefits are applicable to you.



Our development Team provides group and one-on-one 360° Coaching. Through our coaching system FTS (Foundational, Transformational, and Scalable).


To enable the best possible coach-player relationship we have a membership system. Our players are part of  a larger
network system which includes a
JesseCooper Teams, Mantis, 
and Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) membership. This helps maximize the best pathway and future for each player.


Team players must utilize team gear - rackets, string, grip, and uniform. This is provided by are partners. As benefit the sponsoring partners provide special Team offers. This info is found in your player profile. 


A sit-down is our way of bringing player and parent together to review where things are. Generally we visit at coffee house, away from the court in public for the coach/player to bring the parent(s) up to speed, once every 4 months. 


Team members are occasionally tested on the court. This means documenting the progress through a set of categories: Skill, Speed, Strength, Accuracy, Endurance, and Consistency. The results are posted in the player's profile.


Team members are given an online journal to filter their thoughts, understanding, and inspire dialog with the coach regarding what their practices, matches, and other relevant activities and experiences that help transform the player. 


The calendars are posted inside the player profile. All sessions are found under our Team Calendar & Personal Calendar. Group and one-on-one sessions are inside of the player's Calendars with in their profile. Maximum practice opportunities may be up to 6 days per week, 90minutes to 4hours per day. Coach/Player one-on-one sessions are on an average 30minutes.

Tennis-X Fit

Tennis-X Fit is our unique brand of performance development. Using our FTS System we have designed a variety of X training elements. This enables, strengthening, speed, conditioning, and balance. Most of Tennis-X Fit is at the location of the court. Sometimes we take players off location.  



We focus on whole development of the person. We believe "the person dictates the player." It's our role to provide a pathway for players to safely and wholly grow, with enough physical resistance, enough mental challenge, enough competitive opportunity, and more than enough teachable moments to inspire personal next level success. 


Our players compete (setup by the Coach) in a variety of activities and events. We craft and schedule healthy competitive assignments through in-house play, team-to-team play, national tennis organizations tournament play, and exhibitions. As a curriculum, our focus in theme is the lens of competitive-purpose. This purpose is realized by player goal setting from the tests and tasks given throughout the month. We do not use rankings and ratings as a baseline for competence or success. 


We are known for taking our players on touring experiences that change lives, shift perspectives, and enable their vision to flourish. Signature Tours are: Pro Tour Development including training with top 20 ATP/WTA players, and USA Road Tour including college visits, college play, and competitive play. The end goal is to inspire collegiate and professional influence. Learn more about what we are doing and where we are touring this year. 


We use our partners and past players to help develop and open the minds of our players. We call this "intellectual-yoking." Whether it's a former NFL/NBA superstar, a INC. 5000 fastest-company Guru, established medical doctors or the many other fancy highly successful folks o our roster... We use these mighty men and women to help equip our players for battle off-and-on the court with conversations, visits and inspiring story sharing.