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Tennis & Fitness performance - FTS Development by featuring tennis player Myles Martin. FTS means foundational, transformational and scalable for both sport & fitness training. Learn more at FTS SYSTEM (click here).

Mayor Turner of the City of Houston reads a Proclamation for O Athletik DAY. James Cooper, the Mayor and others are in this presentation.

Andy McBride talks with from the hospital room about his heart surgery, complications, football, mental spirit, and his future. Go See Full Story & Updates

JC - Team Cooper player Myles Martin testing string out for Diadem Performance String. Learn more about players and products at Go to JC TENNIS now

Jesse Cooper's PSA to promote positive content for USA Presidential political candidates. Check out our JC BETHINK page now.


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"What I do as a Coach & Mentor is unlock and unleash. I believe it's my responsibility to unlock the player's perspective, and unleash their gifts.  Through the tenets of Dynamic 6, players and coaches are given a baseline of thinking and performing to set a higher trajectory." 

Look for weekly updates on Dynamic 6.

"Concentration & Focus"
We've all heard the terms used (mostly interchangeably). Coaches and players use these terms all the time - concentrate and focus as if they have the same meaning. These two words are of the same family, but have different roles.

Matt McBride & Myles Martin having a chat with Katy High School tennis players at the #usmensclaycourtchampionship

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Matt McBride & Myles Martin having a chat with Katy High School tennis players at the #usmensclaycourtchampionship

A video posted by (@jessecoopercom) on

Congrats to Nia Matthews on her next level move to college in Colorado.

New recruiting videos coming for Team Cooper tennis player Asni.

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