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I believe all players need professional support on-and-off the court. I’m committed to using my resources, and knowledge to produce better outcomes players, ultimately to impact the game at the highest level.
— jesse cooper
By simplifying the relationship, I’m able to provide high-level representation and coaching for many players. So many players take on a poor journeyman’ mentality. This is just not professional and only increases the odds of becoming stagnant and unsuccessful.
— jesse cooper


The program is designed to provide professional representation, support and guidance for players transitioning or develop on the ITF / ATP Tour.

Team leadership will designate multiple times of year when its leadership will support by:
Organizing touring travel to Futures events (T#1 - T#4).
• Host training & development blocks.
• Provide coaching support and management support while at tournament.

• Offer product relationships and sponsorship support.
• Offer beverage and nutrition sponsorship support.  


Here's how to get started:
• After completing the Pro Tour Team player registration form.
• There will be an interview (phone or in person) to get to know the player, understand the player needs, and determine suitability.
• Acceptance letter with account profile and passwords for private business pages information.
• Player signs up for each Team Tour as they wish.
• Additional feedback and support will be provided through the Player Profile.

The Team does not totally fund travel and training opportunities for players.
• During the designated touring events there are no coaching fees or tournament earnings commissions. Coaching is provided by our sponsors.

• While we do receive sponsorship funding to help make this possible, players are asked to provide a participation fee. This is considered a CO-OP Fee (this is a very small fee averaging around $15 per day). All fees are disclosed under each tour event or performance block.
• There are no JC Agency fees for providing marketing for players. Under this program it's sponsored. Any expenses associated with marketing must be approved by the player prior to activating any marketing plan.  


For the players on the team, JC provides marketing and management consulting to aid players with their next level development.

Marketing & Management Activity may include the following:
• Consulting with funding sources providing structure and insight.
• Full, limited, and partial product sponsorships with suitable brands.
• Provide product and gear support from team sponsors and partners.
• Public relations hyper local and digitally.
• On-tour management with onsite support.
• Organization of performance development (physical, mental, nutrition). 
• Sports rehab support.
• Speed, Strengthening and conditioning and so more.