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Team Cooper Juniors

  • Location TBA West University (map)

Evening Session:
4:30pm - 6:00pm at Weir Park

Mon(W) Tues(W) Wed(J) Thurs(?) Frid(?)

W - West.  E - East.  J - Judson.

WEEK THEME:  "Under Over & Change Ups"

  Contact Point - Learn where to make contact on the ball for groundstrokes and volleys. There are 3 areas on the ball that are relevant to controlling the ball:
  • Inside of the ball at the bottom. Directs the ball inside-out.
  • Middle of the ball at the bottom. Directs the ball straight.
  • Outside of the ball at the bottom. Directs the ball cross-court.

PLAYABILITY:  Control - The exercise in general is to stroke the ball from the ground to 3 height levels to three areas of the court on the baseline. The areas are Ad, Duece, and Center-Mark. The Height levels are:
  • B-line (from A to B) lower height net clearance. 
  • C-line (from A to C) medium height net clearance.
  • D-line (from A to D) high height net clearance.
Each of these height levels will have a degree of topspin. Topspin revolutions will vary based on the player and the height.

MINDSET: Aggressive - Attacking the ball with an intentional purpose for its height and bounce. THINK in these Terms for B, C, & D Ball Use:
  • B-line to apply more ball speed/power pressure to your opponent.
  • C-line to keep your opponent at bay or behind the baseline.
  • D-line to move your opponent back away from the baseline.  



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Team Cooper Juniors