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Team Cooper Juniors

  • Weir Park West University (map)

Evening Session:
4:30pm - 6:00pm at Weir Park
Sun (E) Mon(E) Tues(W) Wed(W) Thur(W) Fri(W)

W - West.  E - East. 

WEEK THEME:  Ball-Scape

  Contact Point - Learn where to make contact on the ball for groundstrokes and volleys. There are 3 areas on the ball that are relevant to controlling the ball:
  • Inside of the ball at the bottom. Directs the ball inside-out.
  • Middle of the ball at the bottom. Directs the ball straight.
  • Outside of the ball at the bottom. Directs the ball cross-court.

PLAYABILITY:  Control - The exercise in general is to stroke the ball from the ground to 3 height levels to three areas of the court on the baseline. The areas are Ad, Duece, and Center-Mark. The Height levels are:
  • B-line (from A to B) lower height net clearance. 
  • C-line (from A to C) medium height net clearance.
  • D-line (from A to D) high height net clearance.
Each of these height levels will have a degree of topspin. Topspin revolutions will vary based on the player and the height.

MINDSET: Aggressive - Attacking the ball with an intentional purpose for its height and bounce. THINK in these Terms for B, C, & D Ball Use:
  • B-line to apply more ball speed/power pressure to your opponent.
  • C-line to keep your opponent at bay or behind the baseline.
  • D-line to move your opponent back away from the baseline.  


If You Have Not Asked Yet!!
I'm buying each player their own Fitness Straps. You will be required to pay me back around $10.00 for the strap set. Why? Because it's not clean to use straps that have been used by sweating dirty people. You are to bring your straps to practice each session with your racquet. 



Should be good for the first part of the week.
Possible light-rain on Thursday & Friday.  

Show up about 5 minutes early. Get a head start on stretching and light jogging. If there is a court available, hit with someone. Remember, focus on volleying with someone (to increase your eyesight and ball feel).

W - West
E - East

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Team Cooper Juniors
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Team Cooper Juniors