Doing The Donut District Style

"These donuts will challenge your idea of food-ibility in taste and sight."

They’re so good, I called from Houston and asked if they would ship donuts overnight from New Orleans!
— jesse cooper

When I first heard about it, I told myself this is something I must try. I was on a coffee house chase while in New Orleans... searching for the city's best coffee brew and beans. Every coffee spot I stopped at I asked, so where should I go for a good pastry or dessert in New Orleans? From the hotel staff, the coffee house baristas, to the young man at the gas station... they all said, "You've gotta visit District Donuts." Of course I started my limited Google research. Learned about the word "croquenut" and I even read-up on sliders... To my eyes surprise the pics looked like a must-have! So quickly hightailed it over there. 

donuts jesse cooper 6.jpg

Only A Half-Dozen

...Because we swallowed the other 6 whole! In this pic - there are five donuts and one bruleed cinnamon roll.

Now parked, jumping out the vehicle with enthusiasm, ready to see what this stylistic "croquenut" making house is all about! District Donuts Coffee & Bar greeting me with sweet licking love. I couldn't believe the flavor profiles and themes of the donuts. Trying to write this blog about the whole experience is one of the hardest things I've blogged about because I am imagining filled donuts with incredible dreamy ingredients! So how about I pause for a second and do justice with a gallery of tasty images :-)   



( Favorite)
2209 Magazine St. 
New Orleans, LA 70130

(504) 570-6945

District Donuts Website (click)