Develop Your Game Over Just Fixing A Problem

"Be Cautious Not To Respond To Every Mistake"

Be cautious not to respond to every mistake, it's probably just a side effect of your growth.

It's ok to make a mistake along the way to growing your game or adding a new layer to your game. Evaluate your overall progress with respect to the direction you are heading with your game. Have the courage to trust your development process (a treatment plan) while experiencing a few bumps in the road along the way. Ask yourself, is it getting better? Am I getting closer to executing or having a healthier game? Remember, following the overall development game plan will payoff in the end. Trust the process. 

Don't overemphasize on fixing, instead focus on the positive trajectory of your growth. Meaning, don't address every little symptom that pops up along the way to getting better. Most errors and mistakes will fall off as you get closer to your goal. Don't sweat the small mistakes, it's probably just a development side effect that comes with the territory. Hold on the big picture is being formed.

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