Managing Your Level of Expectations

"Be A Better Manager of Your Personal Level of Expectation..."

Manage your level of disappointment with the degree of which you expect out of others and/or situations.

Once, twice, three times, or more shouldn't be needed for you to temper your expectations of others. Whether it is a family member, a relationship, sport, or another normal aspect of life happening... Having such extreme emotional fallout over what happened to you, around you or someone you know isn't healthy.

Be a better manager of your personal expectations:
1. You can control the way you see (perspective) a situation.
2. You can control the attitude and behavior you have about (and while going through) a situation.
3. You can decide to respond out of a loving heart (regardless of who is at fault).

Don't recuse yourself from being a key factor in your own solution. Shift your perspective, and manage your level of expectation.

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