Be Wise In Your Perception

"Relationships in Business & Your Personal Life Will Blossom..."

There are people who actually avoid the doctor for as long as they can... For some, the doctor is symbolic to bad times, and sickness. For others the doctor is viewed as the helper, healer, and hope.

Your past just might be connected to your ability to perceive and receive. Most of the time "this" relates to "that" because of our perception... Not truth. How many times have we managed our perception from a place of fear, shame, hurt or disappointment?

Don't kill the opportunity, exit the relationship, or run from the good-doctor because you are looking at the right thing through a broken lens. Put down your emotional-kaleidoscope (of fear, low self-esteem, and pain). It was never meant for good judgment anyway. Throw it away.

So be wise in your perception - Relationships with people and business opportunities will appear in its truest nature when you are willing to receive it in your most honest form.

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