Going Through, In Order To Get To

"Going Through, In Order To Get To"

- Be encouraged.
Whatever happened to the value of a hard days work, and anything worth having is worth working for mentality?

Don't let the new age epidemic of happiness serve as your excuse for living a duck and run lifestyle, or get you in the habit of not being willing to go through the day-to-day friction of personal or business relationships. Where there is nothing ventured, there isn't anything truly gained. There will always be some degree of grinding, disagreement, or compromising to deal with... Stay productive and keep pressing towards the mark.

This doesn't mean you won't face uphill battles, a little discomfort, or problems that need solutions with a learning curve. That's all part of it. 

Get back on the path, press towards the mark... it's okay to go through a little something, it will produce a good thing in relationship character, and profit in your business.

Jesse Cooper Actionable You
 — feeling in love - Be encouraged, you are going to meet the mark.

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