ATP Tour Development Conversation with Jo Tsonga

When world top 10 ATP Tour player Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, invited us (Coach - Jesse Cooper & Player - Myles Martin) to work out with him for a tournament week in Lyon, France, every moment was embraced. The conversations were as intense as the play. Tsonga exceeded our expectations by taking the time to review every aspect of what he thought up-and-coming player Myles could do and quickly addressing areas he thought needed to be altered.

To context the entire moment, Jo Tsonga not only put the court time in with Myles and I, he spent about 30-45+ minutes after each session talking on the sideline... Tsonga did this each day while winning the ATP Tour event in France, concluding the workout sessions with us and achieving his trophy win against Tomas Berdych. 


Below is a video with on court sideline conversation: