CHARTING PERSONALITY & GAME: Weaknesses & Strengths

It’s never an issue to have a weakness... as long as you are willing to improve and develop.
— Master Coach
I believe your game is tethered to your self-confidence and self-image.
— Master Coach

What's This Theme About?
This is a Parks To Pros teaching resource created by Jesse Cooper. This is one of our [T] Transformational exercises, which indicates a player's weaknesses while unveiling success notes of their gifts. We're taking a transparent and head-on approach towards development... The key is moving at the pace of the player.

What to expect from this theme:
1. A clear pathway for taking inventory of how you perceive yourself.
2. Evaluating true-self & false-self.
3. Identifying a best practice plan process for your personal development.
4. Short-term goal setting for personal and performance development.
5. Willingness to tackle obstacles that prevent personal and performance growth.
6. The means to successfully navigate your development path.

Getting Started ~ Let's do an exercise! Chart Yourself.
- Note, the purpose of this is to take a look at your current inventory list without judgement or concern. Through the experience of this process you will discuss, filter, prioritize, overcome and develop.
1. Write (submit) a list of your Personality Strengths & Weaknesses.
2. Write a list of your Tennis Strengths & Weaknesses.


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Use a comma to separate each item.
Use a comma to separate each item.
Brief Assessment
Brief Assessment
You are committed to accomplishing your goals?
You look forward to competing?
You believe that learning & training on court will be why you succeed?
You believe you can learn & grow more significantly off than on the court?
You work as hard as you can when you're on the court?

What's Next?
1. Once a week - At the beginning of each week we will review your chart for the purpose of where you are and where you're heading.
2. After we review - Your personal responsibility (assignment) is to take a '7-Day Focus' on the chart items that you agree you will address at the beginning of that week.