Commitment Power for Holding Onto Principles Over Practices

"Most people pull out when they don't see the benefit.."

You can go much further in life, in relationships, in business, and with anything you decide to do when the value of Principle Over Practice (healthy over habit) takes the lead role.
— Jesse Cooper

Most people pull out when they don't see the benefit... Love isn't a passion that should exist with the currency of convenient, comfortable, and fun needs being met."

Loving when you're on top is easy... Just as staying committed to your word or vision is easy when things are going well. But will you remain loyal, dedicated, loving, and hard working when life inevitably brings you confusion, pain, and cooler opportunity elsewhere?

Here's A Thought:
We know how many withdrawals you're willing to make, you're really good at getting when it's good. But I'm measuring you by how many deposits you're willing to make into your vision, that relationship... that commitment?

Closing Words:
You've had this, that and the other stuff as well... dropping and starting opportunities and people as if they're a dime a dozen. Your practice looks good while standing alone untested, as most things do. However, the principle (thought) of this is will you see it through after the waters become murky, as it always does?

Get back to the core, the promise that moved you and work through the process -hold onto your principles so that your ways (practices, actions, habits) have authentic meaning.

Bethink with Jesse Cooper