Adapting & Adopting

"Don't Abort Your Game plan..."

While in a brief moment of adapting to a ball, be cautious not to adopt the style or method used as a temporary adjustment.

I love seeing players adapt in the moment when a quick slight adjustment is needed. Whether it's adapting for a fastball, an unexpected hit, or just getting out of a jam... Adapting is a good judgement call. This noted, don't take what was needed for a moment and make it a lifetime. So often players adopt the style used to get out of an awkward circumstance while competing. Remember, you have a game plan and technique that you should continue to nurture. Don't abort the plan that is set for you to grow and succeed in your tennis game for a brief fluke. Sound, stable growth is on a higher trajectory, you'll go further over time.

Anytime you are managing play during an entire match (competition), you will come across a time when you must improvise to get it done. Just be mindful to not take on or adopt your quick invention (or adaption) as your new way of playing. In other words don't turn the little thing you did to get through a moment, into the thing you do on a regular basis.


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