It's Ok, It's A Good Mistake

"Give Yourself A Grace Space..."

- We've all made them and we will continue to make some... Mistakes. Have you ever tried working on something and each time you incorporate one good thing, it seems like another bad thing happens?

Here's a little perspective. No different from you physically growing and having pains, with developing a forehand or tactic you will witness some errors. This isn't the error that deserves any attention. Meaning you are not doing anything wrong. Your system or in this case game is starting to recondition itself as you incorporate new elements. In other words, it is a good sign. I'll give you an example with a solution:Your forehand is landing short by accident. You make a proper adjustment(s) to have better trajectory, ball contact and stroke value. Then you start implementing this awesome forehand, and now it seems as if every ball is starting to land outside the line, oops! Be encouraged and remember what the objective is - hitting the ball deeper. Most players derail the plan and go back to old faithful (that was never really worth anything). Stop acting scared and wounded retreating from your game plan. Deeper is good. It's a good mistake.

Sure we would all like to have a magical transformation from zero to sixty, but that's not going to happen. Weather the storm of the mistake and trust the overall process of your development (transformation). Once you can implement the recent addition to your stroke, you can add another layer or element. Get on the same page with your coach or conscious and stay focused. Tell yourself, "It's ok that's a good mistake, I may not be there yet, but I'm several steps in the process and improving." Trust your process and remember your purpose.

Play inside the lines. Are you in?

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