To Thrive - 5 Character Points Every Tennis Player Should Possess

"...want to learn more, you will have to give more."

I wanted to share several quick points of consideration tennis players should have in order to thrive. I'm always contacted to consult with other coaches and support teams for players. The most frequent touchpoint is how to create a process that drives players to work harder. In brief, I preach a short message to everyone about players only getting out of this what they give. Meaning I make the conversation more about character shifting, instead of practice formations. Below are several important high-points players should have in order to thrive.

Here are 5 points of power every player should possess:
1.   HUMILITY  -  All grateful people are humble. If you have problems with this, it's more than likely reflected in some of your off-court battles in life. It's harder for a player to submit himself under the authority of the master when his (or her) life position(s) and practices obey a different rule.
2.  COACHABLE  -  Players should have an appetite for knowledge. Being teachable with the understanding that it isn't supposed to be an "advisory warning" or helpful hint. One of the best illustrations is in martial arts between "The Master - Disciple relationship".
3.  PASSION  -  Having a hungry spirit is part of the fuel. Players need a desire for personal success and competitive performance success. Passion pushes players through the pain of their learning curve (or growing pains).
4.  HEALTHY SELF-IMAGE  -  A healthy self-image is a powerful imprint. Players need to know what they believe and who the source of what they believe. People's views of themselves will determine what they pursue, and how they go about it.
5.  HONOR  -  Whether it feels good or not, keeping your word and sticking with it is reflected in every facet of a players life. Honor is the access key to having more. Every player must honor their master (coach).


Consider these thoughts and questions:
Is there any area in your life that you can improve personally to help you develop in professional performance? Is there any conflict you are having that can be resolved by developing your character in one or all of these areas? When you want to learn more, you will have to give more. This starts with remodeling your thinking and your personal narrative of what being committed is.

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