Be Willing To Explore More

"Discover New Levels With Trail & Error"

- Take the next step (by letting go a little) to enter a new level of performance.

Let go and in order to really go there. Create a no judgment zone for a few minutes and play outside of yourself. For some, this may mean going for more ball speed on your serve, more angle, more spin, or the willingness to challenge your opponent by approaching the net. Make a conscious decision to disrupt your safe zone and normal habits for a few minutes. No, no, no - I'm not saying be foolish or reckless. But sometimes in order to have a breakthrough, you have to be willing to go there and constructively experiment a little.

Set aside a little time in practice to discover a new dimension of your ability. It's amazing how much more you have on the inside when you choose to activate a new level of thinking, or inject a higher level of intense energy into what you're doing. Don't judge yourself during this time, just explore and be open to the subtle difference(s).

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