4 Fortifying H-Words for Your Daily Use

Several powerful words to help fortify your walk in life. This process is designed to provide a pathway to retool your thinking and exercise sound success traits. Learn what each of these H-words mean for you by reading below: 

How do you build a perfect wall? Each day lay one perfect brick. Take daily steps towards living on a higher trajectory.
— Jesse Cooper

4H Balance

A big challenge and delay most people encounter is how to have more flow and less friction. Imagine how much more productive you’d be with less grit and fewer conflicting thought battles. One of the ingredients to achieving this is “Honesty.” Being honest with yourself makes it easier for you to confront your personal ambitions, your habits, fears and your self-imposed baggage that incarcerates you to the same old unproductive and negative traps. It’s time to move towards a cleaner and healthier model of thinking. Honesty will help your daily walk towards accomplishing your goals and have a healthier personal relationships.

Try This Out: Take a honest look at your inventory. This means finding moments to take a real look at your personal and professional life. What's working and what's not? Is there something you're holding onto, doing, or feeling needs to be amputated? Is it best to let it go or should it be repositioned? When was the last time you took time to reflect on your personal narrative of who you are, and why you are the way you are?

Having a fire in your belly is a powerful sensation. With all the circumstantial distractions in life, we could all use a fiery appetite for the thing we believe we are assigned to do in life. The second ingredient to fortify your mind and stay on path is your level of “Hunger.”  Your level of hunger is tethered to the degree in which you are willing to endure (or suffer). Hunger is connected to your level of focus and your ability to finish what you start.

It’s essential to keep your appetite burning with healthy fuel. Knowing what you’re hungry for is as important as your overall level of appetite. There is a difference between a craving, and an appetite. For the sake of this content - A craving is a specific impulsive desire, while an appetite is a desire to satisfy a need. Filter your level of hunger through the lens of necessity and purpose, not momentary pleasure, impulse or triumph.

Try Doing This: Take a moment to write down a few goals relevant to your personal and professional life. Challenge your thought process with a few questions: What do you hope for? What moves you? Is it an appetite or a craving? Are you willing to go the distance for it? Will you sacrifice for what you aspire to achieve?

I believe we should all have a sound clear understanding of who we are. At the rate the world shifts you really need to be rooted in who you are. Knowing yourself will help you maintain a peaceful demeanor when weathering a circumstance, managing expectations, or being promoted to new heights. To help you succeed on a higher trajectory in life the third ingredient is “Humility.” Humility will enable you to employ a needed personal level of grace to excuse (or forgive) yourself and others. Maintaining a spirit of humility lowers the stress, mitigates the mess, and enables you to focus your energy on battles worth winning.

Here’s Something To Consider: What’s your personal definition of Humility? How does your level of humility impact the way you perceive yourself? Not that it always matters, but would others say you're a pretty humble person?

Living in the wiggle room of life can seem pretty undefined and gray. Often times our personal level of commitment is based on how they feel. Unfortunately feelings are not facts and this ultimately leaves someone standing with the short end of the stick. There isn’t any ingredient more key in a our daily walk than “Honor.” I believe honor is the seed to access. In some instances honor reflects the thing you respect the most. Having high regard for frivolous things (even ambitions) will short change your level of success. With people or business what do you respect? Whether you like it or not, your ability to carry something out or see it through based on your word is indispensable for a higher level of trust or access.

Think Of It This Way: Consider what honor meant for your past decisions? What does honor mean for moving forward. Challenge what you hold up on a pedestal or think is respectful. Are you fulfilling your obligations in your personal or professional relationships? Consider revisiting a past situation and making good on it. To honor something may very well cost you more than you intended, but in the end it will balance out.