USA Hacked: Olympic Athletes Doping Exposed - What did we learn from this?


Shortly after the 2016 Summer Olympics, Russian Hackers leaked Simone Biles, Serena Williams and others files. The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has confirmed the hack of athletes from the Rio Olympic Games.

The WADA also confirmed that Simone, Serena and the other athletes who have taken substances on the "prohibited list" have acquired proper approval to do so (prior to using).  


On the surface this sucks! I'm certain the hackers believe in their fight to expose USA (and other) athletes serves their argument and/or agenda. Supposedly the hackers did this as a response to so many Russian athletes who were disqualified for using unapproved substances (basically doping). Thus, the empire striking back happened - wink, wink. However, this circumstance presents an opportunity for discussion on the anti-doping agency rules... Do the rules overreach rights? Are the rules too harsh on people? Do the rules consider the "human" factor or exclusively look through the lens of "athlete" only?

I believe that there are far too many doping regulations for athletes. Athletes should come together to bring a shift to the anti-doping agency prohibited list.  

At the heart of this we have bonafide athletes being exposed in an involuntary public way. In the spirit of the exposure we are all learning officially that all pro athletes at some point in their life probably took some medication/substance (on the prohibited list) in order to help them recover or perform.

At some point governing bodies and doping organizations must take a different position on what athletes can use and why they should be able to use. Whether it's Sharapova, Serena, Simone Biles or Lance Armstrong it doesn't matter... In most sports each athlete must have a high level of real skill, talent and the ability to bring it together under (their own idea of) pressure. What am I saying? Athletes must EXECUTE no matter the edge. Finishing the race first is the only way to win. Dope isn't the problem. Just maybe the hackers have the right idea on this one... Suggesting USA has lots of pro and iconic athletes that use with or without approval.

Doping is a bad problem in pro sports?
I'm Okay with allowing athletes to use dope?
I'm Okay with athletes using as long as they get approval?