A Letter to My Son, When Competing:

Hey YOU,
I just wanted to share with you... Let me start by saying, you're performing unbelievably well. You've put in so much time preparing on and off the court. You've tackled personal challenges that have paralyzed the best. Your passion level is so high, and your enthusiasm for going through the process is impressive. All that said, the real reason I am writing you is to give you a few power points to consider when competing. 

As you battle do so through the lens of these three simple words - Commit, Conviction, and Clarity.


  • Make a pledge to see everything through. I've said it this way before, "finish what you start."
  • Don't get distracted by the things, people and unfavorable elements that pop-up along the way.
  • I can't promise you an easy path, nor one without crazy circumstances.
  • Do not base your willingness to commit to the challenge, on the promise that everything will go as planned.
  • I've always noticed your unique ability to adapt and plow right through the circumstances on and off the court.
  • So make a commitment to finish what you start.


  • Remember what we say, "Less creativity, more conviction." Relentless flow in the direction that you are heading.
  • You already have the ability, (the skill, the tactics, and the athleticism). The difference between ability and confidence is self-believe. You will receive on the level you believe. 
  • One more thought on conviction as it relates to you, I'd be remiss if I didn't note your spiritual convictions within Christ, support your firmly held beliefs.
  • Freely to unleash your gift, this game only offers survivable consequences.
  • Outwork them, outwork them all.


  • It's key that you keep a single focus on the return game and the service game.
  • In a sense, think with your eyes, not your mind. You're gifted enough to only play the ball, not the score, not the player.
  • Remember who you are.
  • Communicate to yourself with supportive and simple conversation.
  • Side note - As you implement the two things we say we do with the ball... Trust yourself.


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