Andrew McBride Talks About His Heart Surgery | Football | Spirit & Future

I consider myself a mentor, minister and coach for people. It's always a pleasure sowing into young people. In this situation, I believe Andy is one of those people who we are fortunate to cross-paths with in life. My relationship with Andy is what I would consider to be a divine connection. He is truly a courageous and talented person.
Following this interview (next morning), Andy called me to chat about being The Light no matter how dark circumstances are. This is just another example of why I think he's a mighty young man!

About This Video

This interview with Andrew McBride (Andy) was created to give people hope through his testimony and update from the hospital room. Andy is a football player (QB), classified as a High School Senior. He is an excellent QB and is currently reviewing college/university options.

Around early September he underwent heart surgery... This is the first of several videos (interviews) you can expect to see. Feel free to share this video, and blog page with your family, friends and social media networks.


Andy McBride talks with from the hospital room about his heart surgery, complications, football, mental-spirit and his future.